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Jim Wright’s work is an emotional response to his experiences in the more remote areas of the moors, mountains and coastline of Britain. He returns again and again to specific places, immersing himself in the landscape; to witness the local weather conditions and the changing colours, understand the lie of the land and build a sense of place. At the coast he likes to position himself close to the breaking waves, where he can draw on the energy of the sea and the wind, but this creates the additional challenge of keeping himself and his painting dry.

The quality of the light is the distinctive element in his landscapes, and his seascapes are inspired by the energy and movement of the water . He paints in layers, he begins by applying thin washes of oils, and gradually overlaying them with thicker layers of paint.

Music has always been a principal part of his life, he spends much of his leisure time creating and performing music, whilst listening to music is essential for the progression of his work in his studio.

Curriculum Vitae: Jim Wright

clouds image 1954 James Miller Wright, born 23rd October in Bannockburn, Scotland.
1967 Family emigrated to Perth, Western Australia.
1970-73 Perth College of Art and Design, Western Australia. Diploma in Art and Design.
1978 Returned to Scotland.
1979-98 Employed in commercial art and audio visual industry in London and Manchester.
1999 Moved to North Yorkshire, began painting landscapes and seascapes.
2007-8 Member of Leeds Fine Art Club.


1991 Audio Visual award for best illustrations on
the programme 'Jersey Zoo'
2000 Highly Commended Laing Landscape and Seascape exhibition.
2006 Haworth Art Gallery, Open exhibition 'The Four Elements'.
Voted 'The People’s Choice'.
2010 Runner up in the Dover Prize Competition ‘Atmosphere and Emotion’ for Northern artists.


2012 Parliamentary Art Collection, Millbank House, House of Lords

Recent Group Shows

2008 Artspace. The Barn Galleries, Henley on Thames
2008 Newcastle and Gateshead Art Fair
2009 The Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate
2009 Fi Fie Fo Fum Gallery, Northumberland, Summer exhibition
2009 Zillah Bell gallery, Thirsk
2009 North Yorkshire Selected Open Studios
2010 Scarborough Art Gallery, East Coast, Selected Open Exhibition
2010 UK Art for Youth (North), North Yorkshire
2011 The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle
2011 Edinburgh Art Fair
2011 Ferens Gallery, Hull, Selected Open Exhibition
2012 Bianco Nero Gallery, Stokesley
2013 The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle

Since his move to fine art in 1998, Jim Wright has become an established landscape and seascape artist in North Yorkshire, and in the past two years, he has continued to build on this reputation with work now selling in galleries across Northern England and Scotland.